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Save a backup of your private key first! Otherwise you can't log in back to this account.

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DANGER! Private key is used to log in to your account. Don't give or show your private key to anyone else!


Public peers are automatically discoverable by people you chat with (and others).


Iris is like the messaging apps we're used to, but better.

  • No phone number or signup required. Just start using it!
  • Secure: It's open source. Users can validate that big brother doesn't read your messages.
  • Available: It works offline-first and is not dependent on any single centrally managed server. Users can even connect directly to each other.

Released under MIT license. Code: Github.

Version 1.1.9

Get the desktop application

  • Communicate and synchronize with local network peers without Internet access
    • When local peers eventually connect to the Internet, your messages are relayed globally
    • Bluetooth support upcoming
  • Opens to background on login: stay online and get message notifications
  • More secure and available: no need to open the browser application from a server



Messages are end-to-end encrypted, but message timestamps and the number of chats aren't. In a decentralized network this information is potentially available to anyone.

By looking at timestamps in chats, it is possible to guess who are chatting with each other. There are potential technical solutions to hiding the timestamps, but they are not implemented yet. It is also possible, if not trivial, to find out who are communicating with each other by monitoring data subscriptions on the decentralized database.

In that regard, Iris prioritizes decentralization and availability over perfect privacy.

Profile names, photos and online status are currently public. That can be changed when advanced group permissions are developed.

The application is an unaudited proof-of-concept implementation, so don't use it for security critical purposes.

Support the cause?

Donations help keep the project going and are very much appreciated. You can donate via Open Collective or bitcoin: 3GopC1ijpZktaGLXHb7atugPj9zPGyQeST

You cannot log in again unless you have saved a copy of your private key.